The field of astrology is huge with so many chances. So as to study it at a manageable proportion, we have to look at it segment by segment. Once we have got two astrological segments under control we could then merge them to create a comprehensible story. Once we have studied another section, we use the identical merging procedure to expand our data while maintaining it cohesive. We examine segment by segment, adding to our formerly storage until we have got an entire, usable body of data from which we can draw at any time. This reminds me of how we learn anything, step-by-step, including as we go.

In order to individualize that body of astrological advice we begin with the natal wheel for any birth. We then draw from this information pool will, weaving together the many segments which are appropriate to this wheel so as to read the life story of the individual. In summary, we learn the fundamentals of astrology so we can tell the personal story for every individual sky map. In other articles have indicated that there are four cornerstones to astrology: planets, signs, houses and aspects. Further, it is my judgment that the planets would be the keystone of the four cornerstones. Each of these four sections should be analyzed in the first phases of astrology so they might be combined as described to start the process of a reading. In this report we will look at two of those sections, houses and planets, in a certain combining technique known as the derivative home system. This technique is usable for all those students of real estate astrology which have finished the beginner stage.

Houses would be the branch of the 360-degree wheel into 12 compartments. Each compartment contains approximately 1/12th of their life experience or difficulties for any individual, so each compartment is chock full of issues. Since the whole home system is assembled with Earth at the middle of each wheel, homes are the down-to-earth experience for this wheel and person. Planets represent the many functions of the human, like the ego and self identity urges, the nesting, family, and psychological urges, the purpose of communicating and learning, the impulse to relate, to name a few. Traditionally there are ten bodies: our star, our satellite the Moon, and our eight sibling planets.

Derivative House System To study one world deeply, we have to go beyond the generic significance of the planet to see it working in the sign where it is placed, the house it occupies, the house it rules, as well as the aspects in which it is involved. All is valuable and is generally up to any reading goes. The derivative technique can provide you another layer of home meaning by simply taking a look at the 12-fold procedure of some of the ten planets.