Irrespective of the technological Boom and the other modes of communication that include it, SMS technology is still very much in use. Compared to other modes of direct marketing communication, i.e. email, physical flyers or mail, SMS is thought of as the best. For starters, statistics prove That over 90 percent of all text messages sent are read by the recipients. Employing an SMS service helps create a direct link between the audience and brand, and it extremely simple to set-up and implement.

How to Effectively Execute an SMS Marketing Program?

After you have identified an sms api provider, all you will need to do is choose one or a set of keywords that define your brand and the present promotional campaign. Then, you can begin promoting the brief code for your existing and prospective clients to proceed with your advertising and marketing communications. These mass SMS software’s are typically Integrated with strong database management features which enable you to store segregate and manage mobile numbers of all incoming messages to your future mobile marketing campaigns. You can effectively use these Services to send and receive text messages, send out discount vouchers, arrange contests, have your viewers vote, conduct market research surveys and also encourage links to mobile sites. Mass text messaging solutions have Proven to be a very cost-effective and effective approach to interact with your audiences.

SMS API Services

  • Boost your sales volumes and Brand exposure by choice to undertake an SMS marketing campaign. This is great for businesses to appeal to a local or national audience and aspire to market themselves to a bigger audience. It is more personalized and targeted than an online campaign and leaves adequate room for customizations.
  • Using these campaigns is Extremely effective to execute beneath the line promotional activities where you can share promotional codes with loyal customers and have them avail a range of offers and discounts in a store simply by presenting the SMS.
  • Certain product and service Types can also make complete use of the service to initiate a fresh source of revenue. By way of instance, movie producers and providers can provide paid services in types of hyperlinks to ringtones and other film specific content to fans through mass SMS services. This is easily accomplished by cooperating with a mobile network service provider who would pass on earner remuneration at the end of the month.
  • Urgent and important Information is easily communicated to audiences using these SMS services. By way of instance, an event planner can send out mass text messages in the event of a last-minute change in program or unavailability of the keynote speaker. Faculties are effectively employing this system to alert parents about changes in school programs, holidays, PTA meetings etc.
  • Doctors and other Professionals employ these services to send out reminders of follow-up appointments.

Overall, these solutions can be Optimized across industries depending upon your ability to get creative with the marketing communications plan.