As the concerned, loving parent, you need to analyze your child’s call habits, especially if you feel it is needed. Have you noticed your child calling their friends all night long, and is there a specific contact they make long calls? Also, learn why they hide their calls. Getting too many calls from unsaved numbers? Does your teen take those calls in front of you or in private? It’s wise to take a closer look with the help of a call tracker and prevent activities such as

1 – Bullying tactics 

Today a phone is more than a phone. It’s a way to socialize and much more. Many teens are victims of bullying on social networking websites and chatting platforms. The impact may spill into real life as calls come from unknown or new sources with number sharing.

Bullying is something that you should seriously think about and keep your kids away from it. According to studies, more than 25% of teens have been exposed to bullying on their smartphones.

Tracking App

2 – Children entering the prohibited areas

If you are worried about your kids going to unsafe places, then a call tracker can help. It will notify the parents whenever the child enters an unsafe area with their device, and you can take the necessary action.

Setting up a call tracker app can also help in locating stolen devices. In addition, you can also know if they are going to a place where you have instructed them not to go.

3 –Talking with unknown friends and text messages

Digitalization can also bring dangers. It’s nice to meet new people when it comes to digitization, but at the same time, your kids are exposed to all kinds of people, unknown, new and sometimes, confusing.

As a parent, you must have seen bad things happen. Knowing about text and voice messages will help you understand what messages are exchanged over the phone. And if you know where these suspicious conversations are going, you can always go ahead and help avoid an unpleasant situation.

3 – Address Road Safety

Safety while driving is equally important. Teenagers who drive are always busy with their phones. They rarely put them down. On the road, phone calls can impair their judgment and focus.

Being glued to the phone puts them and other road users at risk. With a tracker, you can tell how fast the phone is going and get alerts on calls. You can remind them of their actions and prevent accidents from happening.

4 – Online fraud

Kids who are on social media connect with strangers also. A little persuasion, and they even give their phone numbers and details to online fraudsters. In fact, some may ask for meetings to cause harm.

Call tracking apps can help parents catch such suspicious numbers and mark them as spam, report, and block. You can nip an anti-social activity in the bud.


Contact a trusted provider to get the whats tracker mod apk. As concerned parents, detect harmful and unwanted calls on your child’s phone by looking at their call logs.