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Zombie reddy- one of the best thriller of the Year

Zombie Reddy is one of the best thriller movies in Telugu that is gained a good hype with their promotional activities. This film is directed by one of the most famous directors of the Telugu film industry, Prashant Varma. The story revolves around Mario, whose role is performed by TejaSajja, a game developer who faces some issues in his gaming software. He wants to fix it, which can be done only by his friend so, to meet him, he and his friends reach Kurnool, a small town. During their way, one of his friends gets bitten by a crazy guy that affects everyone in the village. Slowly they become Zombies, later how Mario came out of this situation is the whole story of the movie.

Zombie Reddy is the perfect thriller to watch as it is considered a timepass Masala film to make your day full of entertainment. It has engaging thrills, decent comedy, and the lead and supporting characters’ performance give this movie a new height. This movie is perfect for watching at the weekend and makes your weekend enjoyable with full of entertainment.

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