Micro-needling is the secret weapon among anti-ageing methods for treating aesthetic skin problems. Here the self-healing powers of the skin are used for a more even, younger-looking complexion. Micro-fine needles perforate the skin and create targeted micro-injuries that start the regeneration process.

Immediate effect

  • Skin tightening occurs and the skin became visibly firmer and smoother
  • Complexion appeared plumper and more radiant
  • Complexion levelling
  • Refinement of the skin relief

Long-term effect of curative use

  • Structure and compression of the top layer of skin
  • Improving moisture retention
  • Enhancement of structural damage
  • Structure of collagen fibres

Micro-needling is considered a revolution in the anti-ageing field. This professional treatment method delivers effective and long-lasting results by stimulating the skin itself to regenerate. If collagen is regenerated, the elasticity and firmness of the skin are visible. It looks younger, fresher and plumper.

Microneedling is versatile.

  • Reduction of small wrinkles
  • skin tightening
  • Improvement of the skin relief e.g. B. after “acne damage”
  • hyperpigmentation
  • refinement of the complexion
  • pore reduction

The main area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is in the anti-ageing area. The skin-regenerating effects also successfully support other dermo-cosmetic treatments, especially for problem skin types. Micro-needling has a noticeable balancing effect on very greasy and oily skin.

Everyone reacts differently – and this is the average experience: after the treatment, the skin is slightly reddened. This redness will subside quickly and in most cases will subside within 1-2 hours. In rare cases, it can take up to a day. There is hardly any downtime and you can soon pursue your usual activities.

To achieve an optimal result with micro-needling, I recommend at least 6 treatments at intervals of approx. 2 weeks, depending on the skin type. It is advisable to schedule 1-2 refresher treatments a year afterwards to maintain or even improve the result achieved. Depending on your personal feelings, this new technique means that the application is very painless.