There are hundreds of millions of goods listed in the American Amazon marketplace over more than 30 categories. And although those figures may sound astounding, what’s even more astounding is that the majority of products offered on Amazon (that have generated one or more purchases) are given a unique rating known as the Best Sellers Rank (BSR). What is the Best Sellers Rank, though? How does it affect your Amazon FBA business, then? How to see best selling itemsĀ  on Amazon?

The BSR, however, only takes into account how a product sells inside a certain category. To put it another way, items don’t have a BSR that compares their sales to those of every other item on Amazon.

On Amazon, many things are sold under many categories; therefore it’s conceivable for a same item to have more than one BSR. In particular, given that almost every major category and subcategory on Amazon has its own unique best sellers ranking methodology.

How are best sellers rankings on Amazon determined?

Although Amazon withholds the specific formula used to determine the Best Sellers Rank, a variety of criteria, including:

  • Both recent and previous sales
  • Promotions and adjustments to product prices
  • Contrasting goods

Current sales trends and historical sales volume have the most impact on the BSR, which is updated hourly. For instance, just because a product sells 10 units in one hour but just one the next doesn’t imply it will immediately fall under a BSR that applies to items that only sell one per hour. Instead, both sales velocities will be considered by the BSR algorithm.

What distinguishes organic ranking from the Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

When they first begin selling on Amazon, a lot of new sellers get the distinction between Amazon Best Sellers Rank and organic ranking quite wrong. Your BSR is the product’s sales ranking, whereas the organic ranking is the product’s position in search results for a certain term.

What does Amazon’s organic ranking mean?

When a product gets ranked organically for a certain term, it will show up on Amazon’s search engine results pages (SERP). The Amazon Best Sellers Rank, meanwhile, is excellent for determining how frequently a specific product sells each month. The product’s current Amazon Best Sellers Rank is unaffected by the product’s SERP ranking on Amazon. In actuality, the items on the SERP are arranged according to what Amazon considers to be the most pertinent items for that keyword search.